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L2elixir is NOT going to open again!
We uploaded the old site and forum just for the memories!
Ο L2elixir δεν θα ανοίξει ξανά!
Σηκώσαμε το site και το forum για να θυμηθούμε τα παλιά

How to connect

Step 1: Download Full updated Gracia Part I client

Gracia Part ISoon L2elixir will update to Hellbound Chronicle

Gracia Part I (mirror)

Step 2: Download l2elixir Client Patch

Client patch final v3.1

Mirror for patch v3.1


In order to connect to L2elixir you need a full update Hellbound client.

You can also play to L2elixir with Gracia Part I client. We suggest you to start downloading it, to be ready for future updates.
Make a full install of Hellbound client; make sure you have updated your graphic card drivers.
Download from L2elixir download area the latest L2elixir-Client Patch.
Don’t forget to register your account (different than forum) in main site Account section.
Run L2.exe and login with your registered account and password.
If you have any problems on login to L2elixir server feel free to post on forum so a GM can help you out.

If you have problems with log in to L2elixir please read the following.

For AVG antivirus users.

1. Open AVG user interface;
2. Double Click on Resident Shield
3. Manage Exception
4. With Resident Shield Directory Excludes selected, click Add Path
5. Find System folder
6. Press ok
7. Play and send thanks

For NOD32 antivirus users.

How do u add "System folder to exceptions for NOD32" ?
GO TO Advanced setup ---> Exclusions

For Avast antivirus users.

1. Open on-access protection control : press details

2. Double click standard shield

3. On the advanced tab click add

4. A text box appears where you must type the path to system folder and choose to except all .dll files in the folder



You can enjoy gaming in a better environment by installing the latest graphic driver.
- If possible install the latest official video card driver version possible for your OS environment. (If using a beta version, problems may occur).

Please refer to the links below for major video card manufacturers. If your video card is not listed, please contact the store or manufacturer.



nVidia Driver Resource Center

For GeForce, Riva TNT series video cards


Matrox Driver Resource Center
About Parhelia, G500/400 series video cards
Friday, 24.05.2019