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L2elixir is NOT going to open again!
We uploaded the old site and forum just for the memories!
Ο L2elixir δεν θα ανοίξει ξανά!
Σηκώσαμε το site και το forum για να θυμηθούμε τα παλιά


Donations to L2elixir will be used only for the servers monthly cost, bandwidth, power, updates, coders etc.
Donating to L2elixir will not give you any advance on other players or affect the gameplay in any case. We are not going to sell items/leveling etc in any case, so do not ever try to ask anything like this.


The only services you can buy with donation coins are:

Change account ID
3000 points
Change account email
5000 points
Rename in game char:
3000 points
Move char to other account:
5000 points
Change char sex
2000 points

ID Accessory Cost


You can always donate any amount you want for the server’s future.
100 coins = 1€


SP Points or Service

If you want any of the above services please contact =ADMIN=MrJack with pm in forum with the following form.

Email (used on paypal):
L2elixir account:
L2elixir Char name:
L2elixir account email:
Your request:



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Friday, 24.05.2019